Our Company

“The Patient comes First!”

Our History

FarmaSyn S.A. was founded in 1994 by a group of Greek shareholders. We took our first steps as wholesalers of medicines and parapharmaceutical products, soon expanding into the field of pharmaceutical distribution with novel as well as generic drugs, offering new therapeutic possibilities to both doctors and patients.

Today, we are a well established company in the healthcare sector thanks to our unswerving commitment to providing the quality products that are our trademark.

  • 1994 Our company was first set up, initially under the name Farmakeftikos Syndesmos.
  • 2003 A collaboration was started with the German company Engelhard Arzneimittel GmbH, marketing the highly successful products Trachisan and Prospan.
  • 2005 The company was renamed FarmaSyn S.A. and began distributing products as sole agents for Greece.
  • 2007 The first generic metformin was marketed in Greece as Glucofree 850 mg and Glucoplus 1000 mg. In the same year Nimesulide FarmaSyn Gel was put on the market.
  • 2012 We gradually began to develop a strategically important partnership with Sandoz, Novartis’ generics subsidiary, as sole agents and distributors for products in the field of erectile dysfunction and for the cardiovascular and central nervous systems.

Our People

FarmaSyn’s wealth lies in its people. Our representatives undergo continuous training, have a deep knowledge of the market and share corporate values such as reliability and dedication to innovation and initiative.

All our people are highly trained and have acquired wide-ranging knowledge; as a result, they can respond successfully to the considerable demands placed on the professional Medical Representative.

For us, learning is an ongoing process which the company promotes through frequent training sessions to ensure the highest possible level of knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector. FarmaSyn makes use of new technologies thereby providing our representatives with the means to gain direct and rapid access to the world of information.

The Founders of FarmaSyn
Euripidis Adamou CEO

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide high quality pharmaceutical products to patients and ongoing support to health professionals in their daily work.

We want to create conditions that guarantee the patient receives products of assured quality conferring maximum therapeutic value.

This, we believe, will make our fellow men and feel better and can be summarised in four words:

“The Patient comes First!”

Our Strategy

We stand for quality in both established and novel drugs across a wide range of therapeutic categories while at the same time investing in collaborative ventures that broaden the company’s research and development.

We are firmly dedicated to supporting new ideas in partnership with health organisations, ever aiming at continuous improvement in the products and services we provide.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a Greek pharmaceutical company we are acutely aware of our social responsibility which moulds our day-to-day activities. In association with other organisations caring for our fellow men and women, we decided to implement a social assistance programme donating medicines free of charge for those patients who need them but are facing financial hardship.

This is one of FarmaSyn S.A.’s contributions to the efforts being made by both organisations and individual patients to overcome the consequences of the financial crisis facing our country.

As part of this initiative, we have supplied free medicines to the following organisations: The Solidarity Pharmacy in Piraeus, The 1st Open Care Centre for the Elderly in Zografou, Moschato Community Clinic, Koropi Community Pharmacy, Public Clinics in the Municipality of Alimos, Skyros Cultural Association (Kinetta), The Korydallos Prisons.

Indeed, our company received a UNESCO award for this assistance at a special event in 2014.